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We address needs, and define pain, and then decide what best features can add values to people, and values to accelerate the growth of eMobility era!

shahnat easy use

Easy to Use

No registration required, no payments are placed, just download for free and enjoy simplicity turned into astonishing innovation, few clicks tells you all the story you need

shahnat ac da charging

Switch Easily

With one touch, switch between AC locations and DC locations, whether you want to charge rapidly or you want to enjoy your meal while your vehicle is charging

shahnat ac dc charging map

Nearest Station

With one touch, get to know the nearest charging location with the time you need to reach it (counting traffic), save your day and avoid range anxiety with shahnat App

About shahnat App

shahnat helps Electric Vehicle drivers locate and discover charging locations and networks around, shahnat App makes eMobility transition easy and fun.

Team shahnat committed to support the era of eMobility and Electric Vehicles by availing the proper Customer Experience through easy-to-use App, to make this dream real, shahnat App encourages people to discover how living in eMobility is easy and fun, you do not need to worry anymore about where to charge your EV, shahnat App is here to make this need available.


Why shahnat?

shahnat App with its focus on the core needs and transition domain of the eMobility is helping people discover the surroundings, it is an App you always find in any EV driver's smart phone.

Will Never Stop!

shahnat App started simple and classic, it keeps adding new features all the time, there is a bright vision located behind this App that will get unvieled as we move forward, stay tuned, you will see!

How It Works?

We thought many times before writing this section, there is almost nothing to describe, shahnat App explains itself, you need no one to tell you how to use and enjoy this proper Customer Experience consideration design

No Registration

Yes, you do not register, you just download, open and enjoy. Onboarding never been easier.

Two Charging Maps

You can freely switch between AC and DC maps, to meet your needs and your vehicle specifications

Nearest Station

Feel safe by tabbing on the Nearest Location icon, know what location is nearby, goodbye Range Anxiety

Information Anytime

Looking for specific location? Just tab the mark on the map and get the information you want


Frequently Asked Questions

We receive questions all the time, below are the most repeated, never hesitate to contact us whenever you have any question, we will help

shahnat app
How can I know the nearest DC charging station?
nearest charging station
Make sure you are in the DC map, then on the icon shown here, just tab, and you will see the popup tells you the nearest DC charging station
shahnat did not show the correct nearest station, why?
shahnat stores the working hours of any charging station - if available - and do not show you the nearest location when it is off, instead, it shows you the next one in service
How can I switch between AC and DC maps?
So easy! Just tab on the icon shown here, and it will switch you to the other map, tab it again, and you will go back to the previous one, this icon swithces you between AC and DC maps
ac dc map switch
There is a "Call" button in shahnat, should I use it?
We understand that people might be in critical situations and looking for charging, therefore, we placed the call button so you can call the charging station to make sure the service is available before heading toward it

Download shahnat

Reason behind not downloading an App is either it is so expensive or hard to use, none of those reasons does exist in shahnat, what you are waiting for?

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